EPoS & Reservations

EPoS & Reservations

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With decades of experience installing and supporting POS and Reservations systems, and hundreds of installs across a number of countries – we know what it takes to run a venue. So whether you’ve got one bar, club or restaurant – or hundreds, we can help you locate the best systems for your needs, help you set it up and roll it out, then assist your end-users with support going forward.

From outreach and first contact, through booking, from the bar to the table, and beyond.

We are able to provide you with end-to-end solutions that work together to do what you need, however big or small the scenario.

Our EPoS & Reservations Solutions


Our support teams have been providing both remote and onsite support for years, and have seen it all – we work closely with your end-users, helping them through any unexpected issues and resolving problems so you can get back to business and your customers.


We’re able to help you configure your systems, taking they pain out of setup. We work with your core team, or onsite staff, to ensure your systems are ready to rock from day one and beyond.


With hundreds of venue setups under our belt, leave it to us to get your systems installed into your sites. We’ll work with you to understand your requirements, spec out your system, and order and install it at a time that suits you.


With new systems, comes new learning opportunities – with some of the finest trainers in the country, we’ll help guide you and your people through your new systems so that you can get the most out of the technology on offer.


Mistakes happen, but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg! With excellent links to some of the biggest EPOS hardware suppliers in the country, we’ll try to repair your hardware first, if at all possible – keep costs down and hardware out of landfill.


We’ll keep your systems updated, so that you don’t have to. Whether it’s security updates or system upgrades – we’ll keep you at the forefront of your POS and Reservations systems.

Why choose us for EPoS & Reservations?

With over 50 years of experience working with a variety of point-of-sale and reservation systems, we here at TLC Solutions are very familiar with hospitality deployments of all shapes and sizes, and the technology and infrastructure that goes into them. Whatever the scenario, we’ll have come across a similar scenario before.

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