Networking & Connectivity

Networking & Connectivity

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Whether you are looking for unified communications, voice & data connections, networking design or a little bit of everything – let us help you find the right solution for your business needs or project, all managed from a single point of contact here at TLC Solutions.

We take the complexity out of networking and internet connectivity

Let us help you manage your networking and connectivity requirements, so you can focus on your main priority – your customers and people!

Our Networking & Connectivity Solutions

Internet connectivity

With a range of experience in planning and deployment of connectivity technologies, including ADSL, Fibre, LOS, Mobile, Bonded & Satellite communications – we’ve got you covered no matter your requirements

Voice services

Perhaps you need voice over traditional means via ISDN\PSTN, or instead you’re looking for more modern internet-based VoIP telephony using SIP – or maybe you’re looking to transition between the two – whatever your project, we’ve been there and can help guide you through it too.

Wifi & Infrastructure

We’ve installed in hundreds of sites in a number of countries and are proficient in systems integration and network infrastructure design – so whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing infrastructure with newer and faster Wifi, replace some or all of your aging network or design a new one from the ground up – we know what it takes and have the partners and contacts to get the job done. Whipping your wifi into shape!


We take security seriously – so you can relax in the knowledge that all of our systems are safe and secure at all times. We manage the security updates, system-level and third-party patching and backup solutions so that you can relax and focus on your core business needs, instead of worrying about security of the tools and services that power it.

Mobile Services

From mobile phones to SIM cards, voice services to data connectivity – we work closely with our mobile service providers & partners to deliver tailor-made packages to best suit your business needs, no matter the network or tech requirements. Mobility masterminds!

Redundant Failover

Get more done and worry less about being offline – Battery-based UPS can provide a second source of power, so that you can continue to operate even when your energy provider can’t – and multiple connectivity options allow you to balance the load, split your traffic and provide redundant failover if one of your ISPs goes down. Balanced, back-up, brilliant!

Why choose us for Networking & Connectivity?

No matter what the project, we take the headache out of networking and internet connectivity and can provide all manner of services for your business or organization – whether we are working with existing venues and offices, or helping to spec out and build new ones.

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