Luke Pissochet

Luke Pissochet

Network Administrator

Luke has been passionate about computers and technology for as long as he can remember. He has always been enthusiastic to learn and “hands on”. Previously an IT technician for a large university college Luke joined Individual Restaurants where he worked with CEO Adam covering all aspects of IT for the hospitality industry.

When TLC was launched it wasn’t long before Luke moved over to be part of the core team who would expand and grow as TLC Services.

Responsible for maintaining and updating security on our servers and networks, Luke has also been managing point of sail updates. He has created knowledge-based guides in multiple formats (text and Video) and managed new network/internet deployments.

Luke is solution focussed and experienced in getting results in place very quickly, but also believes in supporting others whilst allowing them to take ownership of their IT systems. He also helps maintain the cloud network and adding/setting up users to connect to secure remote terminal servers. He often deals with projects where he needs to communicate with all of the sites and keep track of the progress that spans across all of the restaurants.

He currently has lots of different roles to support and is able to work dynamically changing work priority where need be. He has a lot of experience in disaster recovery situations and can keep his cool and calm a panicking site whilst finding a resolution as quickly as possible.

Luke also has experience in migration of an office from local infrastructure to a more dynamic cloud based infrastructure with office 365 and implementing solutions to allow the end user to worry less about the tech and give them more time to concentrate on customer experience.